Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What a wonderful verse this is. This is love assured. For Christ died on the cross and forgave us already. When? Almost 2000 years before. Were we born then....... of course not! But this verse says he died and demonstrated his love to us.

So its time to challenge our thoughts. Christ has already forgiven our sins even before we were born. So what is it we have to do now...... are we confess every sin and worry about the sins not confessed? Are we to kneel and say Jesus come into my heart? What are we to do....... Nothing. He died and forgave us when we were yet sinners and he said its finished. All we have to do is to accept the truth that we are fully forgiven of the sins of our past, present and future and know that sin does not have any hold over us. We are no longer slaves to sin.

What a blessed assurance this verse speaks to us. We are forgiven unconditionally and completely by his grace and out of his love. All we have to do is to renew our mind and thinking and accept the truth...... no matter what he has forgiven me and has made me a new creation in him.

Do we have that assurance? Are we individually convinced in the core of our being about his love towards us? Meditate on his word and let his love permeate into your whole being bringing in the assurance that no matter what nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. You are his beloved. Have  a blessed day ahead.

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God bless.

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