Thursday, 28 January 2016

Are you ready for molding in a Potters hand?

All children of God have the inner urge to please God. We want to do thing to make our God happy. We want to do more and be more influential with a big sphere of influence. As a Christian you may have many favorite verses, messages and songs. One such song that stirs the core of a person is the song Potters Hand. This song makes every one go on knee and sing from the depth of the heart with a sense of prayer to God. It is an awesome song with wonderful lyrics. Lyrics for the song Potters Hand

The song chorus says 
Take me and mold me, use me, fill me I give my life to the Potter's hand
Call me, You guide me, lead me, walk beside me I give my life to the Potter's hand

Today God is speaking to all his children. He shows no favoritism to any. He is leading you and guiding you. He keeps shaping you and molding you. He is ready. He has a plan and had finished it on the cross. The work from his side is over. Are you ready to give your life in to the potters hand? 

To be in the potters hand you need to be Pliable - which means easily bent; flexible.  You need to be moldable. According to dictionary moldable means - capable of being shaped, bent or drawn out.  How are you to it. Are you pliable? Are you ready for a change? Have you prepared your mind to be flexible to what the change what God is saying. You may want to go along with the crowd.... but when you give yourself into the potters hand you must be ready to go as he leads you and guides you. You may have to tread the path alone with not many around you able to understand the change that is happening inside of you, but are you ready to get changed as he molds you. 

You can pray earnestly and sing with a sense of prayer in your heart. But how are you to change. If you are not ready to change then no matter how earnestly you sing or pray nothing is going to happen. Like the quote its foolishness to expect different results by doing the same thing.   

Do you need a change in your spiritual walk?
Are you feeling hungry and in need?
Are you feeling thirsty and dry?

Bible says Jesus is the Bread of life and who comes to him WILL NOT HUNGER AND THIRST. Jesus never said this for fun or for name sake. He meant everything He said. So why are you still in hunger and thirst even after attending church without fail, attending meetings and crying out to him in prayer. Have you thought of it. Its times to think...... its time to renew........... its time to transform....

How to change?

  1. Spend time thinking and examining yourself and the environment in which you are in. 
  2. Examine if your image of God is write as per the bible?
  3. Are you stuck with last year testimonies and encounters?
  4. When was the last time you heard God speak to you and challenge you?
  5. How sensitive are you to his voice? If  you are not yet trained to hear his voice then how will you know which way he is asking you to take and which way he is asking you to follow him?
  6. Are you curious to explore the freedom that Paul speaks to Galatians that in Christ?
  7. Find out how much of grace you are enjoying in life?
  8. Find out what excites you most.......... doing for Him or Knowing him? There is a whole lot of difference in both these things. 

Today and this weekend take a time out to examine yourself. Spend time praying the prayer of Paul as mentioned in Ephesians 1: 18 to ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart. 

We cannot be molded and shaped unless we get what he is saying. Self, performance mentality has to be removed fully. Jesus called the people to rest in Him...... do not be so screwed up as to what to do for Him. He is not a performance oriented God. 

So start praying a prayer and let yourself loose to the changes God is bringing in  your life. Keep your life focused on God and be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit so that you will be able to know the good, pleasing and perfect will of God.


Monday, 18 January 2016

God's love

Love is something we all need. Its not something kids need or something that we grow out of as we grow. Its something that keeps us going. There is a joy to be loved and there is a joy of loving others. Love is such a term which is now contaminated. It has its own meaning in each ones life based on what they have experienced and perceived in life.

What are the thoughts of God's Love among the Christians     

  • God is love
  • God loves us always
  • He gave his life because he loves us
  • He loves us more than any man could love us
  • His love is going to be there for eternity
  • His love is unchanging
  • His love is powerful
  • He is Love
A normal person who has a relationship with Christ will agree to all that is said above about the love of God with his heart without a doubt. He is genuine about that thought of God and his love for him as a person.We all go through situations in life that try us to the core and we all are pushed to places of disappointment and discouragement in life because of so many factors in life. Have you ever examined how you feel in your everyday life? 


  • God gives cancer to teach endurance and patience
  • He blesses us financially and meets our needs
  • He kills the person with untimely death to make the family know that he is faithful
  • He is always with us and will never leave us because he loves us
  • God loves us but we have to obey his commands and be well behaved to receive his blessings
While reading you may disagree. But think of the last time you prayed for a person with cancer or sickness; the time when some one you knew had an untimely death; How did you deal with it?
  • Was it solely God who was in the picture?
  • Where is the fallen world and evil and Satan in the picture?
These simple questions should be asked and answers searched from the depth of us. They are formed by what we have been taught and heard. They form the firm foundation on which our life is based on and more importantly it dictates the way we see and relate to God. 


Monday, 11 January 2016

Life changing Love and Grace of God


I was born in a Protestant family and had a mother who was fervent in her prayer and passionate about her love for Jesus. She made me read Bible daily, pray and led me to have a relationship with Jesus. I always have been regular to church, Sunday school and as I grew up became part of other organisations meeting for prayers and evangelizing to the lost. As a grown  up I considered myself as a mature Christian who was capable of leading others to Christ. And think what..... I even got the opportunity to lead many to Christ who are still in their faith and have grown in their love for Jesus.

But over the past 5 yrs something happened to me. God met me in a powerful way and the eyes of my heart were opened in a new way than before. It all started with times of prayer with one of my friend for a year and then another friend came into my life and they kept me encouraged and motivated to grow in what God was revealing to me. We prayed, spent hours talking about what God was doing in our life and we wanted to grow in the Lord. Behind closed doors I and my 2 friends spent hours seeking God in times of prayer and by spending time sharing encouragement into each others life. As the Bible says - Seek and you will find - we were led by God to new experiences and truths. We started to hear wonderful messages from others preachers and God continued to encourage and reveal his truth to us. Though as said above I was born into  a family which had faith in Christ suddenly I began to see God as never before. Looking back today I could understand what brought that change. Its the revelation of the GRACE and LOVE of God.

In the beginning when this happened it was as if I had got a big lottery / treasure. I was exuberant, could not contain myself, wanted to scream from the roof top. God led us to new truths. This revelation of love and grace of God was so nice in one side but on the other side it shook the whole foundation on which I had built my faith. I felt bad, felt frustrated and felt like everything has crumbled and I was left with nothing. But God built me up, he edified me and brought hope and joy.  Slowly slowly the nature of God was revealed and his unconditional love towards me was made known.

As I grew in this love and grace of God I came to know the lies and wrong believes over which my faith was built.The love and grace of God was revealed in a new powerful manner and this laid new stones in the place of the old ones which were removed from my belief system. A new perspective was brought in and life took a new turn.

The same God looked so different now...... he unconditionally loved me and showed his grace in an amazing way whenever I made mistakes in my life. He changed me inside out and made me new person. These changes have brought much freedom into my everyday living and its a joy now to be a child of God and live with a new identity.

After almost  5 years of my journey I am now more sure than ever, that there is much more for me to know, understand and change in my life. But as of now I just wanted to share a few thoughts regularly with  you all. Hope this will challenge you to think, seek God and find truth in Christ that can change your life too as it has done to mine.

Points to Ponder

The first thing that was revealed to me was about the love of God. I knew God loved me, I knew he died for me, I knew he loved unconditionally. But the love of God was revealed in a new way and this experience changed my life down side up for good.


Any person will immediately agree that God is good and loving. We as Christians believe God IS Love. Have you ever taken note of your thoughts and belief to analyse how practically is this belief evident in your life. Below are few questions to help you to think in this regard and ponder.

  1. Whose love is big - Earthly parent / God?
  2. In reality who is love is unconditional?
  3. Who sacrifices because they love the child?
  4. Who is more watchful?
  5. Who shows love and grace when a child does wrong?

Try thinking these questions. Not from what you know or just because Bible says. Think how these questions play a role in your every day life. 

I will continue this discussion in the days to come till then have a blessed day. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Forgiveness of our sin

Colossians 1 says

21 Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of[g] your evil behavior. 22 But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death 

Jesus died for our sin and purchased righteousness for us. Just as how we are not responsible for what Adam did but because of his sin the whole of mankind was made sin; by the death of Jesus the whole of mankind has been made righteous. 

Are you able to believe it. We are taught from childhood John 3:16 which says Christ died for the whole world. Are you able to comprehend it. He died for the whole world which included you. He died for you even before you were born. Even before you were born your sins were forgiven. 

Meditate on these words. These words are revolutionary thoughts to people following the Christian faith. This is the gospel to the lost. You were not saved because you deserve it, did something note worthy or because you said the sinners prayer. You were save because he died when you were alienated from God. 

This is the grace of God. Think about it. Meditate about it. Pray and ask God to reveal his love that was revealed to us in the cross.